Inverter repair Engineer in Lagos

Friday 29 September 2023

Electrical Installation Engineering And General Facilities Maintenance Support

Do you need Electrical Facilities Support Services Provider? You are at the right place.
Microspeed Technologies and Power Solution is an Electrical Support Service provider.
As a company of repute, we are able to offer a tailored maintenance programed to suit Individual customers requirements. it could be planned preventative maintenance or a prompt corrective maintenance in case of emergencies.
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Tel: + (234)810-403-6736, +(234)802-860-1846

Tuesday 12 September 2023

4KVA/48V Luminous Inverter and Batteries

Nowadays business is getting harder year by year. The Prices of Fuel, Diesel, Electricity and Natural Gas are rising all over the world But electrical power is unstable and more expensive. More and more people choose Inverter and Solar Power Installation System. Why not contact Microspeed Technologies and Power Solution to see how Inverter, Batteries and Solar Panels Installation can be the end to your power failure in your home, workplace, Offices, Companies, School, Hospitals, Supermarket, Churches etc ENJOY 🚀24hrs UNINTERRUPTED SOLAR AND INVERTER ELECTRICITY FOR LOW PRICES. We deliver all Products to your Doorstep and also do the installation after final conclusion have been made. Contact Us @  Telephone ☎️+ (234)810-403-6736, +(234)802-860-1846 Website;
4KVA/48V Luminous Inverter and Batteries.

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Inverter and Solar Expert Company in Nigeria….Tel+ (234)810-403-6736, Tel+ (234)802-860-1846

Inverter and Solar Expert in Nigeria

Have you ever thought of cutting down on your Diesel, fuel and Electricity cost? Our Inverters and Solar Systems designed to power all loads in your homes, offices and industries. At Micro speed Technologies Inverter Capacity ranges from 800VA to 200kVA Call TODAY Tel+ (234)810-403-6736 Tel+ (234)802-860-1846 Website; Email Address;

Enjoy Uniterrupted Power Supply with Inverter and Solar System

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