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Monday, 9 June 2014


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Prior to the introduction of security alarm into the third world security camera gadgets, have long been in use in most advanced nations.  A security camera is a device that is designed to provide security surveillance, monitoring and recording of events for later viewing by the user.
A security camera system can be installed indoors or outdoors and we would briefly discuss these two options.

  1. Prevention of counter-productive tendencies from Employees
Obviously, if employees are aware that their managers are watching every move they make they are less likely to be fraudulent or unproductive. The best way managers can maintain a constant presence is with highly visible security cameras set up to monitor employees that have little day-to-day supervision.
  1. Protection against Burglars and unauthorized persons
A video security is a better deterrent to burglary or vandalism.  Studies show that burglars think twice about breaking into any property or business establishment that has a video surveillance system installed. 
  1. Virtually every area can be monitored directly and remotely
You monitor a variety of areas in a particular location, such as;
·         Driveway and reception
·         Upstairs
·         Work or production area
  1. Flexible and customized application
You can;
    • View your cameras on a Visual Display Unit (VDU) such as a monitor or TV.
    • Watch camera feeds over the Internet while away from office or at work
    • View all areas of your home or office with leaving your bed or desk.
    • Watch the repair man, the baby sitter or cleaning personnel.

This involves the installation of cameras in strategic locations inside the house, room office, and car e.t.c.  A monitoring screen is place close to viewer who can see what is going on in the area under surveillance.  Please note that only events within the coverage area can be captured.
The Outdoor system as the name implies focuses on installing cameras in strategic locations outdoors limited to the area of coverage while the monitoring unit can be located either indoors or outdoors according to the interest of the user.  The outdoor system has a wider coverage than the indoor system.
In most cases the user may combine both systems depending on the complexity of the coverage area.  The consultant would advice the client on what systems to install after a detailed site survey.

A digital video recorder (DVR) is a device designed to run for 24hours (preferable on an inverter power source) used to record events captured by a security camera. The DVR is a system unit that has been reinforced with tenaciously strong  microchips sns integrated circuits that communicate unbreakably data to and from the basic input (camera) and output (Monitor) devices and captures such formatted or unformatted data digitally on large capacity hard disk drive this outwitting the mundane video cassette recorder that is easily prone to damage.
The DVR as we have said earlier is designed to run for 24 hours and shares resources to the various channels i.e. 4,8,9,16 and 32 channels (cameras) depending on the numbers of  channels opted for.
We offer Business Solution to both co-operate offices, Government-Organization, Private-Organization individual-organization, Schools, Churches, Hotels etc
Our experience has thought us the importance of establishing a practical functional quality system, which cover all stages from tendering through actual execution of contract to final delivery commissioning
We respond to your needs professionally, and efficiently. Service and parts support are available 24 hours, 7 days a week from all our full-service facilities.
Our service staff regularly participates in technical training and certification programs. We have the organization, equipment, technology and personnel to guarantee our clients the highest quality of support.
The sales and support staff are customer service oriented. They take pride in providing the existing and potential client with the most effective and beneficial information possible. Our staff is competent, sharp and equipped to handle any questions or concerns
With one of our main objectives being “Customer Care”, our commitment to you extends far beyond the initial sale. With our unparalleled after-sales service

The after sales support offered by our company is second to none and is what differentiates us from competition

We sell, install, repair, upgrade and do maintenance of. Whether new or old installation, either moving to another location. Our service is nationwide.

Contract Terms
(a)Monthly Contract
(b) Quarterly Contract
(c) Annual Contract
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Engr Michael Okiemute
No 51/52 Ogba Ijaiye Road, Beside UBA-Bank Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.(NOSAH COMPLEX)
Tel: 0810 4036 736, 08028601846
Email:microspeedtech@gmail.com, microspeedtech@yahoo.com

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