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Wednesday, 5 November 2014


The Importance of GPS Vehicle Tracking
GPS vehicle tracking can make a serious difference when it comes to your business, whether you are monitoring your employees or keeping track of shipped cargo. A few notes on the importance of GPS vehicle tracking are listed below.

Your Time Is Valuable
Every minute that your vehicle is on the road costs you money. You have to pay the salary of the driver. You must keep your vehicle fueled. If a loading crew is waiting, you must pay for that idle time. GPS vehicle tracking is an ideal way to manage the time of your entire fleet, down to each individual vehicle. If you are able to closely monitor what’s happening on your dime, you can make the necessary cuts and adjustments to improve efficiency.
• Satellite tracking keeps your employees honest. If they are being tracked by GPS, they won’t make inappropriate pit stops, and they won’t sit idly while the pay clock runs. If you choose to be discrete about your company’s tracking practices, you can spot trouble and address it upfront, without wasting any more time.
• GPS is an effective way to create more efficient routes. Quicker routes will save you money.
• Fuel isn’t cheap. As your vehicles idle in traffic or at individual stops, the gas gauge is dropping. Reduce fuel costs by keeping drivers on the road, rather than idling, and by monitoring unnecessary idling at stops.

Your Company’s Reputation Is on the Line
The companies with which you do business are watching you closely. They know how to spot inconsistencies, and they have the capability to compare you with other similar businesses. It’s in your company’s best interest to have a firm grasp of operations so that you can maintain a strong reputation.
• Whether you deliver goods or perform onsite services, the customers and businesses you serve will have expectations in terms of arrival time. GPS tracking gives you the tools necessary to better coordinate.
• Communication is increasingly important, as people are more comfortable using online resources – not to mention smart phones – to track what they’ve paid for. When your customer calls you to ask where the truck is, you’ll have an answer ready.

The More Efficient You Are, the Better Business You Can Expect
You want to get the most for your time. More business means more money. If you improve your efficiency, you can squeeze in more business.
• GPS has the potential to reduce the time it takes for your vehicle to get from one place to another. That time adds up. Squeeze in more appointments in a single day, or make more delivery trips in a shorter period of time. If your business is transportation, drop off happier commuters and be ready for the next group.
• As mentioned above, impressions matter. Speedy, efficient service will keep your current customers happy, and they will be more likely to recommend you. Use GPS tracking to minimize wait times, and create more business for yourself.
At Track Your Truck, we offer a range of GPS vehicle tracking systems and advanced software. Contact us to learn more, and start improving your business today.

With one of our main objectives being “CUSTOMER CARE” Our commitment to you extends far beyond the initial sale. With our unparalleled after-sales service
our after sale support offered by our company is second to none, and this is what differentiates us from competitors. 

Our after sales support is second to none, we Sales 200AH/12v, 100AH/12v150AH/12v Deep cycle High Convenience Sealed Maintenance Free Battery for UPS, Solar and Telecom Application. We Sale install, repair, upgrade and do maintenance of inverter whether new or old installation, moving to another location. Our service is nationwide.
We give our clients maximum satisfaction and we also deliver all products at their door steps after final conclusion have been made
We are professional; we give our clients maximum satisfaction and we also deliver all products at their door steps after final conclusion have been made
For Sell, Supply maintenance, repair and Installation of inverter,  Please call
Engineer Michael                                                                                                           Project- Coordinator                                                                                                              
MICRO-SPEED TECHNOLOGIES AND POWER SOLUTION                                                                                                       We redefined your world with ICT Solution, Installation Engineer and satisfy you with uninterrupted power supply.                                                                                                                 Head Office, 51/52, Ogba Ijaiye Road, beside UBA-Bank, Ogba Ikeja Lagos Nigeria (NOSAH HOUSE)                              
Tel; +2348028601846, +2348104036736                                                                        Eebsite;microspeedtechnologies.com
Email;  microspeedtechnologies@gamil.com,

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