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Monday, 13 July 2015

Repair,Maintain,Installed Solar and Inverter in Nigeria

Why bordering yourself
with Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) Bills accumulation,
when you can get and generate 24HRS/7Day uninterrupted power supply with
inverter and solar system.

Inverter and Solar System will liberate you from constant Black-Out and the harassment of NEPA Officials

We give you a design that is accurate to the capacity and specification of Loads /appliance of your demand.

my friends, your own house appliances will run without Electric supply,
No NEPA Bill, Reduction of Fuel expense, by generating your power
supply with luminous inverters/Solar System
The national power
provider in Nigeria popularly called NEPA is probably the most useless
government company or organization in Africa, if not in the world.

supply is almost absent despite billions of dollars earmarked for this
company annually. The problem with IKEDC has been treated in several
ways without any outstanding result. Power supply in Nigeria is worse
than a nightmare.
Every Nigerian family/household now has a
generator. The size, numbers and quality of your generation is even a
revelation of your economic strength. Therefore generators have names
and one popular one is “I pass my neighbor”. I pass my neighbor is the
smallest generators you can buy and if your neighbor doesn’t have any,
definitely you are richer than him/her.
What is even worse is that
you will pay monthly for electricity bills whether you have used it or
not. IKEDC is a government agency in Nigeria that is duping the people
of billions of naira across the country every day.

Inverter and
Solar System are technically much more advanced as compared to
generators which are noisy, polluting and need starting that usually
requires pulling chords-a feat not suited to ladies and children.
Besides, they are often dangerous and can lead to fire and accidents.
of fuel too is a major fire hazard. Inverter automatically takes over
in case of power failure and switches off when power supply is restored;
one does not even realize that there is a power failure. It is for
these very reasons that INVERTERS are PREFERRED over GENERATORS
throughout the WORLD. All you have to do is FIX and FORGET, the inverter
does the rest.

12-Energy Bulbs, 6-Fans, 3-Television,1-Home-Threater ,1-Laptop, and 1-Freezer

• Eco friendly since no noise pollution and no air pollution
• lesser cost of ownership and also economical to run
• User friendly, automatically changes over from mains to inverter on power failure & vice-versa when power gets restored.
• Low maintenance effort/cost.
• Very safe and clean as no fuel handling/storage required.
• Ease installation, can be installed in smaller space and as per convenience.
• Good power quality and hence it is very safe for sophisticated household appliances.
• Better technical support
• Best warranty cover
• 24/7 after sales services
• Best service centre ENSURES
• Full safety of highly sophisticated equipment
• 100% pure, reliable and regulated power
• Low running cost
• Extended power back up time
• Easy maintenance
• No humming noise from any load.
• Great power saving APPLICATIONS
• Electrical Backup system
• Data/Call centers
• Telecommunication
• POS systems/air-conditioners
• Critical Work Stations
• Security systems/air-conditioner
• Medical/Laboratory Equipments
• Office/Home Applications
• Solar powered street/security Light For further information,

Our Company’s main objective being “CUSTOMER CARE “commitment to you extends far beyond the initial sale.
our unparalleled after-sales service, our after sale support offered by
our company is second to none, and this is what differentiates us from

Our after sales support is second to none. We Sells
200AH/12v, 100AH/12v150AH/12v Deep cycle High Convenience Sealed
Maintenance Free Battery for UPS, Solar and Telecom Application, Solar
panel and accessories, LED-Light, Inverters, computers/accessories,
Network, CCTV Deployment/accessories. Electrical Installation
Materials/Appliance. We Sell install, repair, upgrade and do maintenance
of inverter whether new or old installation, move to another location.
Our service is nationwide.

We give our clients maximum
satisfaction and we also deliver all products at their door steps after
final conclusion have been made for more information. Please call us
Thank you for your patronage.
Best Regard

Project- Coordinator

We redefined your world with ICT Solution, Installation Engineer and satisfy you with uninterrupted power supply.
Address, 51/52, Ogba Ijaiye Road, beside UBA-Bank, Ogba Ikeja Lagos Nigeria (NOSAH HOUSE)

Tel+ (234)810-403-6736
Tel+ (234)802-860-1846
info@microspeedtechnologies.com, service@microspeedtechnologies.com
microspeedtech@yahoo.com, http://microspeedtech.blogspot.com/,
www.microspeedtechnologies.com, https://www.facebook.com/michael.okiemute

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Inverter and Solar Expert in Nigeria

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Enjoy Uniterrupted Power Supply with Inverter and Solar System

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