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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


HOME COMPUTER SERVICES. Are you looking for someone to fulfill a particular technology need, or do you just wanted to know that your computer person can ‘handle it all?’ Through the strength of our global network and our preferred vendor partners, Micro Speed Technologies & Power Solution can access a full complement of computer repairs and services, including:
  • Remote Access and Diagnostics – As long as you have a working internet connection, you may not even have to wait for us to arrive at your place. Take advantage of the latest in remote support technology, letting us securely view the problem on your screen and letting you watch how we resolve it.
  • Computer Service Plan - Finally, a computer service organization that is actually committed to preventing problems from happening in the first place!
  • Data Recovery – What’s worse than a dead computer? A dead computer and a dead backup (especially if it contained irreplaceable financial or customer information)!Read More
  • PC Repair - Like a car problem or a health problem, technology problems start with analysis of the symptoms and selective elimination of possible causes 
  • On-site Computer Service – Avoid the hassle of crawling under your desk, unplugging your cables and loading everything into your car. We’ll come and visit you at a convenient time and we’ll call if for any reason we’re unavoidably delayed.
  • Laptop computer repair – Requiring specialist, often expensive parts, laptops can sometimes be uneconomical to repair. Talk to us for expert advice about your particular situation.
  • Repair slow computer – Don’t put up with a slow computer! A software tune-up or a component upgrade may be cheaper than a new PC to get things working fast again.
  • Computer Training – Don’t be afraid of your computer anymore! Call Computer Trouble-shooters and let us tame that scary monster with you and turn it into a circus trick performer! … 
  • Technical Support – You deserve the skills & experiences of a global organization with a local, friendly face to solve your technology problems. Learn the secret of our outstanding technical support...
  •  Computer Networking – Getting two computers to talk is not quite as easy as just buying a cable! … 
  • Application Installation and Support – From a bookkeeping software upgrade on one computer, to a new software deployment across your organization, call us when it needs to be done fast and right the first time or if you are looking for a long-term support relationship with someone you can trust.
  • Independent Computer Advice – How are you supposed to decide on which technology will best meet your needs, when the retail store computer salesman had sales target dollar signs in his eyes? Call your trusted I.T. advisor for a coffee and a chat to match your business plans with the right I.T. investments.
  •  Virus/Spyware Protection and Removal - Antivirus software is no longer enough now that we are bombarded with advertising and privacy robbing threats. As the ‘nasties’ get nastier, call Computer Trouble-shooters for the best protection advice or help if you do come under attack.
  • Computer Security Analysis – Find out if your computer systems and business policies/procedures meet the industry’s best practice guidelines for protecting your identity and your critical business information.
  • Internet and Email Setup and Assistance – Get connected easily, in your office or ‘on the road’.
  • Networking and Server Maintenance – Keep your business information available and secure with our regular maintenance tasks working to prevent server ‘downtime’!
  •  Regular computer cleaning and maintenance – Banish the number 1 enemy of electrical equipment – dust! – And keep your computers running smoothly, just as you’d service your car.
  •  Website Design and Hosting – Want to establish or enhance your presence on the internet? Read More
  • Custom Software Development – Having trouble finding software that matches how your business works? Having your own software developed may be more cost-effective than you think.
  • Graphic Design & Video Editing - Read More
Micro Speed Technologies and Power Solution computer Troubleshooters are the laptop and Desktop repair experts, including all your offices, Schools, Hotels, Hostels etc., network Support solution. Our highly-trained technicians know all the major and minor brand models literally inside out: Dell, Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq and many, many more.  
Troubles Laptop computers are highly sensitive pieces of equipment, Designed to free us from office desk, we take them everywhere and use them for a wide range of tasks. Unintentionally, though, our laptops have to suffer all manner of rough handling, from drops, to spills to moisture to extreme heat and cold. 
This is why laptops are the most common pieces of hardware to malfunction. And because laptop parts are so small, specialized and delicate, laptop repair is often costly and complex. And not just anyone can do it. Micro Speed computer Troubleshooters are the Laptop Repair Experts! Hoot and repair all manner of hardware and software problems:
Frayed/ nonfunctioning power jack
Broken keyboard and missing keys
Coffee spills and other foreign objects
LCD Screen Malfunction
Faulty Motherboard
Memory and storage upgrades
Machine won’t start
Dead battery
Removal of contaminants like dirt, dust, and grime.

So, whether your laptop suddenly won’t power up, or your LCD screen is cracked, or the cat clawed off your J key, we have the solution and we can fix the problem right away.

We Repair, maintain Computers Network and I.T-Support Services for Offices, Schools, and Hotel etc. Contact Us @
Address; 51/52, Ogba Ijaiye Road, Ogba Bus stop Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria..
Tel+ (234)810-403-6736
Tel+ (234)802-860-1846

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Have you ever thought of cutting down on your Diesel, fuel and Electricity cost? Our Inverters and Solar Systems designed to power all loads in your homes, offices and industries. At Micro speed Technologies Inverter Capacity ranges from 800VA to 200kVA Call TODAY Tel+ (234)810-403-6736 Tel+ (234)802-860-1846 Website; http://www.microspeedtechnologies.com Email Address; info@microspeedtechnologies.com

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